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The Tristan Lover

(Love, Love, Love)
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so im home [(073005  11:56pm)]
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new cd coming soon! [(072005  9:00pm)]

So I am indubitably psyched about tp's official debut. I'm a high school senior fan from the east coast trying to spread the word. Check out my latest entry devoted to the upcoming album.
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[(051705  10:46am)]

any talented icon makers? i'd love to see some tp artwork:)
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[(042605  12:17am)]

I saw tristan last night at the jason mraz concert at mount st marys...let me tell you, she was amazing and everyone loved her. She got a standing ovation and she was the nicest person ever and took pics with us. I'm glad I was introduced to her! Does anyone know where I can get MP3s of her live shows, other than her website?
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New Pic and Journal! :) [(020605  5:04pm)]
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New Journal from TPCollapse )

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AND...we have a journal entry! [(020305  10:40pm)]
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This girl is so funny
i love it.

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I'm lovin these pics... [(020205  9:17am)]
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beggin' for more [(020105  12:09am)]

i hope it's ok that i post this here.. i'm in a tristan mood tonight, and thought i'd share :-)
i saw her open for howie day in columbus back in november, and i've learned from experience that howie (nearly) always has great openers (matt nathanson, toby lightman, charlotte martin, keri noble, and tristan, to name a few!) so i recorded her set even though i'd never heard of her before. and of course i was glad i did! i was also really impressed to learn afterwards that tristan personally approves which live recordings of hers get put up on archive.org -- live music is really a passion of mine and it's great to see her so involved with it. (i did send her a copy of my recording, haven't heard back about it yet but i'm sure she's plenty busy!) anyhoo, i was told i got the first recording of this new song of hers.. i have no idea of the title, and at this point only one other person has heard the mp3. so here you go, hope you enjoy! :-)

Tristan Prettyman - new song (Columbus 11-4-04)
(please right-click and save as, thanks)
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[(012605  11:08pm)]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Okay I have a question for you guys. I have been reading a lot of stuff on Tristan lately and a lot of people have been mentioning that crowds have been rough on Tristan. I also heard that she got "boo"ed at a Jason Mraz concert and at a few others.

I seriously don't get it. This girl is a lyrical genious. Why are people treating her this way? Do you guys have any opinions.

I understand that everyone has different tastes in music and that Tristan was probably an opening act for someone that they were actually there for but still. I'm mad ::Pout::

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icons to come [(012505  5:36pm)]
[ mood | energetic ]

Hi Everyone,
I'm in the process of making some Tristan Icons. Once I post them (not sure when), feel free to use them if you like! And if you guys have any other requests, just let me know.

But I'm just curious, how old are you guys?

My name is Louisa and I'm 21 and a senior at the University of Michigan. Last year, I went to the G. Love concert that was on my campus. I was lucky enough to arrive early and saw Tristan perfom! As soon as she started singing the first song I was in love!!! I met her and bought her CD and well, the rest is history. I listen to her EVERY SINGLE DAY. She is so easy to relate to and expresses her feelings so clearly. Sometimes I feel as if she crawled inside my head and wrote a song about exactly what I'm going through (usually love) at any given moment. So yea, that's my story.

I'm looking forward to your posts!! FINALLY I found some other Tristan lovers!
♥ ♥ ♥ Louisa

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